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Aurora HDR tools to fold into Luminar Neo with new extension

This morning, Skylum announced its first-ever extension to Luminar Neo — HDR Merge. Scheduled to be released July 28, 2022, HDR Merge will have the ability to merge up to 10 multi-exposure bracketed photos, delivering a single HDR image that will look as close as possible to what the eye sees.

Especially for photographers who specialize in landscape or architecture photos, the right HDR settings can help to create detailed and dynamic photos. The higher the dynamic range, the more details in the highlights and shadows can be shown in a single photo.

If a camera doesn’t have a high dynamic range, one technique to compensate for this is to take multiple exposure bracketed images. That’s where HDR Merge can help, merging up to 10 images into one single HDR photo.

Luminar Neo’s HDR Merge doesn’t produce halos or artifacts. Plus, with the help of intelligent technologies, you can create HDR images even from a single photo, with no brackets needed. Artificial intelligence allows for the highest quality of bracket merging and a spectacular level of color enhancement.

What’s unique about Luminar Neo’s HDR Merge is that it can be combined with Luminar Neo’s other tools to create spectacular photos. After merging brackets, you’ll have a full arsenal of AI-based tools at your disposal.

You can enhance with one slider, fix colors and toning, add glow, play with super contrast, add realistic sun rays or vivid foliage — there is a whole world to explore. Luminar Neo gives photo artists the power to achieve the best HDR photos and go beyond in their editing, all in one app.

Pricing and availability

The HDR Merge extension is set to replace Aurora HDR, which will be discontinued upon the extension’s release. If you’re currently an Aurora HDR user, you can get the extension for free. You’ll also receive a loyalty discount for Luminar Neo if you don’t yet own the software. The HDR Merge extension will only work inside Luminar Neo, and not as a standalone application.

If you’re a perpetual user of Luminar Neo, you can purchase the HDR extension for $49. If you subscribe to Luminar Neo, you’ll get the extension for free.

Preorders for the extension will be available later today. To learn more, visit Skylum’s website.

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