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Create emotional effects with Radiant Photo color grading LOOKs

Radiant Photo is built by photographers, for photographers: Simple pricing, simple edits, and fast results. Built on AI processing, it learns your style and adjustments, so the more you use it, the more it learns to edit just like you would.

LOOKs are Radiant Photos built-in creative presets which allow one-click color grading in a wide range of styles (with more to come).

Color grading with Radiant Photo is simple and effective. Radiant Photo describes LOOKs as “intelligent style recipes” — an apt description. Grouped by film stocks, eras (1980s, 1970s, etc) and moods, Radiant Photo color grading LOOKs apply a style with one click.

LOOKs are flexible, however: You can adjust Strength, Saturation and Contrast to fine-tune the LOOK for your photo. As with other adjustments in Radiant Photo, you can then sync your changes to any remaining photos in your set to batch apply the style.

Radiant Photo color grading LOOKs maintain your previous adjustments

I like that the basic adjustments (exposure correction, etc) are maintained when you apply a LOOK: This is useful, for example in comparison to Lightroom presets which sometimes mess with the basics on application and must be readjusted.

Radiant Photo gives you control over everything, from the AI Smart Presets to the color grading LOOKs for creative expression.

It’s also worth noting that Radiant Photo color grading LOOKs are separate to the Radiant Photo Smart Presets: These are subject-specific, for example People, Landscape – Night, and so on. Smart Presets are auto-detected and applied based on the photo (and of course can be fine-tuned or changed at will). LOOKs are more of a creative tool than a develop tool. You can use Smart Presets to set the basic develop setting and then experiment with different LOOKs for creative expression.

With the AI engine learning your style as you edit, the more you work in Radiant Photo, the more streamlined your editing will be. The system learns what you want to see when you apply edits and over time you can expect your edits to be more consistent with less clicks.

Experimenting with mood and emotion in Radiant Photo

But what if you don’t want to be consistent in your editing? What if you want to explore? Most of us have a style to our photos, a way of editing that resonates with us and makes them unique. For those of us who deliver work to clients, it’s important branding to deliver a consistent photo set. It means clients can trust what they will get when they hire you.

But color grading can be a fun way to play with different emotional moods in your photos, whether that’s for competitions, personal exploration or just to see what happens. Take a photo and play with the genre. What would it look like as a romantic comedy? A disaster movie? A science fiction epic? The color grading changes the narrative of the scene, telling a different story.

Radiant Photo color grading LOOKs are a perfect way to play. Explore drama and focus on the emotional moment with the range of black and white LOOKs. Go nostalgic back to an era, or a film stock you used to use on your first camera back when you were starting out.

Fast non-destructive editing that maintains the detail and depth of your originals

When you’ve played and found something you like, export your file out of Radiant Photo and you’ll have a high-resolution file ready for showing off. The program is surprisingly fast at loading photos and changing LOOKs so you really can play to your heart’s content.

Radiant Photo is brand new, but soon there will be even more LOOKs to choose from in the Radiant Photo marketplace. If you’re stuck for ideas, check out what other LOOKs people are working with. You might just discover the perfect avenue for your next round of artistic expression.

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