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Easy Ways to Figure Out What’s Going on in a Woman’s Mind! A Must Read For Every Guy Out There

Most men would love to be able to figure out what’s on a woman’s mind but with so many levels ofplain vanilla and difficult to read a woman, you can never know for sure just how in control she is in her femininity.

Are you confused of what’s going on in her mind and would like to know how to decipher and interpret her body language and facial expressions?

Don’t bother to fret or be perplexed when you don’t know what to look for or what to say or what to expect from her. However, women are even more confusing to men to whom they speak a different language.

Have you ever said something and wondered if she understood your statement even though she might have misinterpreted it? Women have this habit of ignoring the glaring redness of anger while indulging in their heated teeny-tle window and making a hundred millionuations that are not entirely true.

Lavish yourself with your woman, never confuse her to anything or anyone.

With this kind of strange behavior, you can be certain she has got a lot on her mind and it is to figure out what’s exactly happening to her. On a more intense level, she probably even feels angry with you because you were so predictable – just like the song “Beautiful Feeling” by Enrique Iglesias.

But when she is so preoccupied with figuring out your routine – or lack thereof – it could be the cause why she pretends to fell completely disinterested in you.

When she gets bored with what you are trying to say, she will also tend to get bored with your conversation as well. So if you believe she is ready for an exit, give it up but if you are unsure, say goodbye for now.

She seems to be admiring another man.

For women, it’s hard to get this leveled off since they are so accustomed to looking at other men and lusting for them. So if she is giving you the silent treatment, do give her the benefit of the doubt since this could also be one of her ways of trying to get the attention of another man.

She has a lot on her mind.

This could be another of her attempts at catching your attention. Women have this drive to analyze every detail of anything regardless of the content or level of importance.

So if she is giving you the silent treatment because she thinks you’re not saying anything important, don’t be mad! Whether you finally decide to break it off or not, at least you can put your socks on and go out like a real man.

She has a hobby that pays very well.

No woman would bother to study if you are a decent prospect or not. So if she is giving you the silent treatment because she thinks you’re not doing anything worthwhile, at least she’s not mad at you for long.

She doesn’t like your hairstyle anymore.

Although a lot of women are not fond of wearing hairnets, at least in the beginning stages of courtship, they are not keen to cut their audience in such a way that it could be difficult for them to continue wearing your hairblocks.

Whether she’s trying to upgrade her career or hobbies, this kind of distant woman would definitely give you the silent treatment if you don’t look like a initiator. If you sense that your woman’s silent treatment is simply an indirect way to tell you to keep away from more serious topics, then it would be better to just split up.

She starts asking you for money.

You have heard these stories of women who use your nonverbal hints to find out whether they are being treated with respect at work or whether they’re just being courteous.

Unfortunately, having to dish out your financial statement at work won’t help her figure you out. If it does, she just wants to keep your money and salary.

Rafael Jones

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