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Finding and getting inspired through your inner child

Finding inspiration is so simple that even your kids can do it. Literally, kids do it all the time. People are always telling me they struggle to come up with creative ideas to shoot. It’s one problem I rarely have. I think it all comes down to the way you think.

Look for your inner child

Remember as a kid you just created, drew and made up games and stories? You didn’t care if it made sense, was realistic or believable … it was real to you!

That inner child is still hiding in there somewhere. The joyful creative soul who just loved to dabble for the sheer joy of it, I bet they are still there, somewhere.

Find them, embrace them and reconnect with them. That joyful spark of creation is lurking deep in there somewhere. Lose your inhibitions and create for the fun of it.


Color outside the lines

Does it make sense? Does it conform to ‘norms’? Is it ‘real’? Will it make people happy? Who cares! The real question is did you enjoy making something?

Whether it is photography, art or music — if you enjoyed it, then that’s all that matters.

Too often we worry about what others think. We say we don’t like to be put in a box, but then we tend to do it to ourselves anyway. Enjoy the weirdness, the nonconformity … it’s actually where great discoveries are made. When people just say “what if?” If you were the child who colored outside the lines, you can do so again.

Embrace your creativity

If you want a more artistic life, you need to LIVE a more artistic life. Spend time with like-minded creatives, who can inspire you, encourage you and cheer you on, like our Photofocus Community. Surround yourself with images, music or tools that inspire you to create … anything. It doesn’t have to be good or bad. You just have to enjoy the process.

If you immerse yourself in a creative artistic life, ignore the naysayers and create for the joy, chances are you will be inspired. Chances are the creative imagination will be sparked.

Bejewelled Dragonfly
Bejeweled Dragonfly

If you let go of the “what if I’m not good enough” and “what if others don’t like what I create,” then inspiration will surely follow. Ignore the itty bitty voice in your head telling you to grow up and stop playing silly games, be an adult. Remember that inner child — embrace that inner child. Do what makes your heart sing, be free and happy and carefree when it comes to creating. If you keep doing that … I am sure your inspiration will come to life.

All images were created by AI in Midjourney — just for the sheer fun of it.

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