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Five ways to get through to your inner creative

Did your Muse step out for coffee one morning and hasn’t come back yet? It happens to all of us at one point or another. We seem to have our inner creative light blinking like a check engine light on your car.

Get your creative juices flowing by doing something you love

Even if you feel like you’ve lost your inner creativity, you can still pick up the camera and just create…something, anything. Just the act of creation can get your Muse to come running back. Perhaps you have another hobby you’ve been neglecting? Doing something else can spark your creativity engine.

Collaborate with someone else

Sometimes collaborating with someone else can inspire you, and get the creative juices flowing. Learning a new technique, tool or genre really can be invigorating. Finding a Mentor can do so much for your inspiration, technique and overall abilities.

Give yourself some distance

Of course, sometimes it pays to just back away. Giving yourself the freedom to stop can be beneficial too. Doing something other than the activity or genre that is causing you frustration can be a good thing. When it’s just not working, stop and take your mind off it by doing something else.

Try something new

Do some physical activity

Take a walk, go to the pool, or play with the dog. It basically boils down to getting out of your own way. A few endorphins can kick start your creativity, if nothing else a little fresh air and exercise can’t do any harm, right?

Get out of your comfort zone

We can all learn something new. Try working with some kids, or your dog. Learn an entirely different hobby. It’s that whole getting out of your comfort zone thing, this is when your Muse can show up and gets excited. Who knows, this new hobby or knowledge can lead to a whole new direction for your photography, that you may have never thought of before.

I hope these five tips help you to get through to your inner creative.

Model — Andrea Gardiner | Makeup — Em Mrietta | Check out the whole gallery of images from our Gothic Creed shoot.

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Rafael Jones

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