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Get your Lightroom catalog in order with the FREE Lightroom Virtual Summit!

Looking to expand your Lightroom knowledge? The Lightroom Virtual Summit has everything you need to enhance your skillset. This online-only education event will feature 45 classes, offering over 33 hours of training absolutely free!

The five-day event, running October 3-7, 2022, features several courses aimed at best practices with Lightroom Catalogs. Here’s some of our favorites that we’re looking forward to.

Organize, Manage, and Back Up Essential Lightroom Classic Files, with Rob Sylvan

Beyond your photos there are a number of key files you need to be aware of and, keep under control, and keep backed up.

Help! My Lightroom is a Mess, with Daniel Gregory

Have you gotten yourself a big mess of Lightroom goo? Wish you even knew where to start cleaning up so you could think about being organized. In this session, you will learn how to quickly and easily clean up your catalog and get set up for being organized moving forward. Unlike how to be organized, this is how to fix when you didn’t start organized.

Long-Term Lightroom Catalog Maintenance, with Ben Wilmore

Once you’ve used Lightroom for a while, it’s best to take measures to assure Lightroom remains agile and does not bloat your hard drive. A few simple steps along with a pinch of automation will make a world of difference.

Start-to-Finish Workflow, with Nicole Young

Watch as Nicole walks through the import, edit, and export process of two full photo shoots in Lightroom Classic. You’ll see the whole process, from importing the photos, culling (selecting) the images, processing them in the Develop module, and exporting them for print, web, and collage.

Ingest is Not a Joke, with Sean McCormack

Maximize your image management right from the start. Getting your photos into Lightroom is the start of your editing adventure, but you can make the journey much smoother with a good setup in the Import Module. Apply Metadata, Keywords or even Presets, as well using a good file naming system can make your masterpieces easy to find and share. For money or for pleasure.

Import isn’t the only way to get photos, so we’ll look at other methods that get files in or, trigger Import in a different way. Finally we’ll take a look at ways that can get your photos partially edited, so you end up with well named, keyworded files that are close to ready for Export.

Find Any Photo, with Tim Grey

In this class Tim Grey will share tips and tricks for finding a photo based on whatever details you can remember about the image you’re looking for. You’ll learn to quickly search by keyword, filter photos to just your favorites, search by metadata, and much more. In short, after this class you’ll be able to find photos based on just about any information you can remember about a photo!

Using Lightroom Classic On the Go, with Rob Sylvan

Learn the ins and outs of using Lightroom Classic no matter where you are and on more than one computer.

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