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Indian Traditional Sarees: Best To Offer Flawless Looks

The all-time Indian beauty is surely the Indian women. Since history there have been countless styles of clothing seen among Indian women. The ones which are most popular to a majority of Indian ladies are the Indian sarees. Contemporary pronouncing women wears sarees is a great way to offer flawless looks.

History sarees have been in use since the ancient days. Its popularity was established thanks to great dressing styles during the Victorian era. The traditional saree of India though was not seen in those days, it was surely seen after independence. Sarees are designed in a comprehensive manner and in different fashions and looks. Modern style sarees made substantial changes in its basic concept. Few basic features of the traditional saree, e.g. the blouse, choli, kameez, etc., have changed significantly.

The one great thing about the dressing sense of Indian women is that saree still remains in craze, in spite of all the changes. No matter how many years have passed, the Indian saree concept has been kept intact. The only difference which has occurred is the application of the concept to a wider canvas.

History of saree:

Finding out the correct saree is not a difficult task. All Indians have a common concept of tying a saree. In all the cultures and parts of the world, the saree is worn in a specific way. The Indian saree, however, is available in whacky colors, designs, drape style, puffy sleeves, etc. There are countless fashion statements for saree. The most famous one yet remains the “Hindi” style, which is popular in Northern part of India.

Hindi style saree:

Hindi saree style is a great way to wear on non-romantic occasions. It is one of the great dress ensembles which an Indian woman wears. This amazing dress code provides fantastic options to the wearer. Depending on the place, time and event a women will wear this attire, it will certainly bring magnificent style to her overall appearance. The most common of this attire is the “vlanka style”. It provides a thorough array of lovely embroidery and designing to the saree. Apart from this, it comes with a vibrantly colored border that perfectly accentuates the overall appearance of this diva’s beauty.

There are unlimited options available, which is why this becomes an all-occasion wear. Brocade, buggle, silk, georgette, tissue and obviously, a bridal saree can be a dream come true for every woman. In the past few years, Indian saree has observed a massive popularity dip and this huge popularity can be attributed to the stylish, chic, sophisticated and Indian batches that are coming out from the Indian fashion industry. In such a scenario, one of the biggest fashion drivers has been the bridal saree, specially handmade sarees on demand in numerous color combinations, materials and designs. In this age of globalization, saree is available in the west as well. An Indian bride can have a customised saree for her bridal ceremony in lieu of her lavish wedding lehenga. This lehenga is then worn by the entire family and significant materials such as gotta, mirror, satin etc are also provided along with the saree.

Brides still prefer to wear traditional saree on theiridal ceremonies. It is still considered one of the primewears for any traditional wedding. In contrary to this, designer saree collection is gaining huge popularity with their creation and usage of latest technologies. Moreover, Indian designers are making use of the latest in fabric materials that are not available in the western world. In India, women use very luxurious fabrics like velvet, silk, georgette, tissue and brocade; to give the saree a stunning and embellished look.

In this era of globalization, saree is widely available in the eastern part of the globe too. In the eastern countries, women prefer to use expensive fabrics in embroidery and sophisticated designs rather than the traditional techniques. Indian designers are adapting to this change by creating sarees with the latest technology and trends. They create elegant sarees by keeping the traditional designs of womens clothing but creating a style-based collection.

Another reason behind the popularity ofDesigner Sareesis the immense popularity of Bollywood. When women attires are highlighted by heavy embellishment, minimalistic designs and stylish cuts, the overall personality receives a major addition in these designer sarees. Women prefer to follow this trend.

Rafael Jones

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