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Photographing the spiral staircase at Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra

Who doesn’t love a good spiral staircase? Even a well-done, one-story version.

Earlier, I shared some architectural Art Deco beauty from Milwaukee. Now, I’d like to share one feature of the new addition to the Warner Theatre for the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra.

The addition

When we were on the Art Deco tour we stopped at the Warner Theatre to talk about the building. As you view the marquee you can’t help but notice the new, more modern addition to the right. As a whole, it is referred to as the Bradley Symphony Center.

The oval skylight and spiral staircase caught my eye immediately as we peeked in the windows.

Bradley Symphony Center spiral staircase

So, when I was heading back to my car at the end of the tour, I went inside. Fortunately, it was Open Doors Milwaukee that day. That meant I was able to go inside and wander, something you don’t typically get to do.

One spiral staircase many ways

I’ve been itching to go through these images and edit a few. Here are a handful of black and white edits of the staircase.

And, here are a couple of color versions.

Being patient

While I was there toward the end of the Open Doors Milwaukee day, there were still quite a few people milling around. I knew that I wanted to get as many perspectives and angles here as I possibly could though. So, I had to be patient. And yes, sometimes adding a person or people will add to the image as in the woman walking down the staircase, but, I tend to prefer my architectural images without them.

Back to Milwaukee

I’m really looking forward to getting back to Milwaukee in a week for another, completely different tour. If you are interested in joining me on a photo tour there yourself, sign up here to be notified of tour information.

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