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Radiant Photo: The new photo editor

Today, Radiant Photo announced the release of their new kind of photo editor.

With Radiant Photo everyone can make their images look better in a matter of seconds. Every image (even those captured and edited by professionals) can be improved. Simply drop images into the software, wait a few seconds and enjoy your photos the way they were meant to be. Radiant Photo uses advanced scene detection to correctly apply adjustments pixel-by-pixel only where needed. In “Quick Edit” mode, you can adjust the image to your taste by moving just a few sliders. This gets even pros 80-95% of their way to a great image. In “Detailed Mode”, users can perfect their image using editing and color grading tools with functionality previously unheard of.

Radiant Photo before after night photo of a city
Before and after: Radiant Photo’s Smart Presets detect what is in the image and then adjust each pixel accordingly. So real colors are maintained while pushing the exposure and dynamic range with perfect black and white points.

The way Radiant Photo treats colors brings out details, and balances exposure guarantees great results in record time. It adds depth and lifelike detail without over-enhancing them and corrects the flaws of even the best camera sensors that pick up color casts or shift colors when brightness or exposure changes. Simply put: Radiant Photo lifts a gray haze off your images and makes them look their best.

“It feels good finally releasing Radiant Photo into the wild. After months and months of development and fine tuning results, this is the software that we as photographers always felt was missing. With a real, true-to-life image in mind. Sometimes the most subtle changes go a long way. For example, we’ve spent a lot of time making sure that Radiant Photo can detect and adjust the full range of skin tones from deep, medium, to light. Upon detection, it applies adjustments that are fully optimized to make everyone’s skin more radiant.”

Elia Locardi, professional photographer and CEO of Radiant Imaging Labs

Radiant Photo color comparison image
Before and after: Radiant Photo preserves the colors of an image while correcting exposure,
contrast and color casts. Also, notice how it adds depth and clarity to the photo.

Developed working with pros

Through extensive beta testing, Radiant Photo was codeveloped with dozens of pro photographers worldwide. Their feedback made great tools even better and allowed the team to fine-tune the adjustments. Radiant Photo now comes with three sets of Smart Presets. “Radiant Photo — Pro,” is a perfect balance of editing and color enhancement and preservation. ”Radiant Photo — Subtle” does exactly what it sounds like: It provides a lighter and more natural touch to editing. It also works wonderfully if you’ve already edited or pre-processed photos. “My Smart Presets” gives customers the option to fully customize the AI-driven Smart Presets. Radiant Photo is the only software where you can configure artificial intelligence to precisely match your needs and tastes.

Another feature praised by many pros in the first reviews: The integrated batch processing of Radiant Photo. Whether in the stand-alone app or the Adobe Lightroom Classic or Photoshop plugins, your batch processing needs are covered with powerful export options that allow you to specify how each file is treated, named, and saved. This is particularly valuable for anyone that has to process hundreds of images because they can’t show their unedited photos to a client. Just run them through Radiant and then manually tweak the selected ones.

girl in greenery before and after

The idea behind Radiant Photo

When the team behind Radiant Photo started working on the software, it quickly became clear what to focus on. There are enough tools out there that produce flashy results. And there are enough tools that make you use the same Develop panel, again and again, dialing in similar settings. What if there was a piece of software that did all that intelligently by analyzing the picture and prioritizing color rendition?

Making things easier. Delivering great results in record time. Basically: real photography. HDR? Layers? Panorama? Digital Asset Management? Focus stacking? There are already great tools for that and Radiant Photo is not trying to replace them. And it does not replace skies.

Focusing on the authentic image, the picture how we imagined it when pressing the shutter button — that is Radiant Photo. This is not meant to take over anyone’s current workflow but complement it. Run Radiant Photo at the beginning, middle, or end. It is designed to make every image look its best. And yes, if you move the sliders too far to the right, you might find the results too aggressive. So does the Radiant Photo team. But while the Smart Presets deliver a great starting point for optimization every time, users can adjust everything to their liking.

Radiant Photo maintains a complete 16-bit workflow. It supports many file types including popular Raw formats. While it can open most Raw files, it offers no dedicated Raw tools. Honestly, this job is best done by the Raw software from the camera companies — because they know best what their sensor is capable of. Or you just stick to your existing Raw workflow and hand off 16-bit Tiff files to Radiant Photo.

Powered by a world-leading imaging engine

Radiant Photo processes images with the Perfectly Clear Engine. This trusted technology is the world’s leading intelligent image correction with 140+ million images processed every day! We the same superior quality image processing core trusted by the majority of professional photo printing labs worldwide. Radiant Photo builds upon this solid foundation with unique LOOKs, Smart Presets, and new technology found nowhere else.

mountains and church before and after
Before and after: Radiant Photo deals perfectly with tones and colors that camera sensors struggle with. Lifting the exposure does not sacrifice color accuracy.

Compatibility, languages, availability and pricing

Radiant Photo runs as stand-alone software on Windows and macOS. It is performance optimized for ARM processors which are used in Apple’s M1 and M2 computers. It can also be used as a native plugin inside Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom Classic and Corel PaintShop Pro.

The following languages are supported: English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish.

Radiant Photo is available now. It includes a six-month Buyer Protection: No matter when you buy, you will always receive six months of update assurance for your purchased product. While most software companies only offer this level of buyer protection for 15 or 30 days for purchased products, you will get the full updates for free for six months no matter what. Also, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee in place, so every customer has 30 days to try everything out and decide if they want to keep using Radiant Photo or not.

Pricing for starts at $129 / €139 / £129 for either the stand-alone version or the plugin version. Those customers who want both options, stand-alone and plugin, opt for the bundle at $159 / €169 / £159. In case you wonder, why prices seem higher outside of the US: Traditionally, US prices are before any state tax, prices in Europe are always inclusive of VAT.

Your Photos. Simply Radiant. 

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