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Reflections: Hex Ranger Camera Wrist Strap provides comfort, with zero security

If I had to compare the Hex Ranger Camera Wrist Strap to one thing, it’s like rocking your premium smartphone without a simple case. Disaster is bound to happen.

If there’s one thing the strap gets right, it’s the materials and comfort. You won’t feel itchy, scratchy or sweaty with the Hex Ranger Camera Wrist Strap. The ballistic nylon is water resistant, and the EVA foam padded area is pretty soft. But that’s about all I can find positive about this strap.

That said, if you like living on the edge with your $3000 camera, go for it. Personally, I’ll be sticking with any number of other wrist straps on the market that actually help protect my camera.

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Rafael Jones

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