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Rising out of isolation, with the 2022 iPhone Photography Awards

This morning, the iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS) announced the winners of its 15th annual competition. Chosen from thousands of submissions from all over the world, many of this year’s winning shots depict beauty rising out of isolation and honor photography’s ability to build bridges across lost connections.

This year’s Grand Prize winner and Photographer of the Year was Antonio Denti of Italy, for his image “The Kid of Mosul.”

Antonio Denti, “The Kid of Mosul” / IPPAWARDS

Shot with an iPhone 11, “The Kid of Mosul” showcases a moment of tenderness between a young boy and a soldier in the dusty rubble of war. The photograph was taken in Mosul, Iraq.

The First Place Photographer of the Year Award went to Rachel Sea of Sweden for her image, “Anti-Social Distancing,” which turns masking up into an act of theater. The photo was taken with an iPhone 12 Pro.

Rachel Sea, “Anti-Social Distancing” / IPPAWARDS

The Second Place prize went to Kelly Dallas of the United States, for his image titled “Girl with the Violin,” taken with an iPhone 13 Pro. The Third Place prize went to Glenn Homann of Australia, for his photo titled “Wasted,” taken with an iPhone 11 Pro.

Top-three winners in an additional 16 categories were awarded to photographers from almost every corner of the world, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, France, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, San Marino, Poland, United Kingdom and the United States. A complete list of the winners can be viewed on the IPPAWARDS website.

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