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Shutter Notes: Kay Kenny — The Web

Welcome to Shutter Notes, our weekly community feature. Shutter Notes gives you the chance to get to know our community members a bit better. Each member will share a little bit about themselves and their chosen image.

Kay Kenny is a fine art photographer, who exhibits and has taught photography for decades. She was a photography teacher for over twenty-five years at New York University, and the International Center of Photography in New York City.

Kay Kenny

Why and how Kay created this image

This is a montaged image using two cameras, different lenses and focal lengths. Kay describes this image as “to fear something and to know it is to challenge it and walk on.”

She chose to share this particular creative image to get a feel for how a digital montage is viewed. In order to create this Kay shot two images of the spider web and four images for the body. Then she photographed the hand and the moth separately.

She spent time gathering up appropriate images and put them together based on the inspirational moment. All images were joined and manipulated in Adobe Photoshop.

Ka hopes that the viewers realize they can create their own narrative or story from whatever emotional or personal response they have to the image.

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