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Using Capture One Live with clients

I started using Capture One in the studio for a while now. It is fabulous for all sorts of shoots — portraits, products and more.

I’ve recently taken this a step further by using the Capture One Live feature. My models, hair and makeup artists, designers and clients all adore being able to view each image as it’s captured and then having their input, all while the shoot is happening. They don’t even have to be in the studio. You really can shoot, share and collaborate with ease.

Tethering to Capture One

You will need to tether your camera for the Live feature to work. If you are fortunate to have some of the newer Sony and Canon cameras, you can even do this wirelessly. Sadly I still require a tethering cable, but it is still pretty easy to set up.

Once tethered you can set up the Live function. Tethering means you and everyone in the studio can instantly see the images on your laptop as they are captured.

Using the Live feature

It’s so simple, it seems too good to be true. Finally, something that just works. There’s nothing overly complicated here — click the Live button and get a code, then copy and paste via text, Messenger, email or whatever you fancy to the person you wish to collaborate with. They then click the link and instantly access all the images as they come up. No need to download anything from their end.

Here’s a short how-to video:

Editing on the fly

Another terrific feature of using the Live function is editing on the fly. You can adjust exposure, highlights and shadows, skin tones and even apply style collections to your images, then they can be shared with all collaborators and adjustments made as required, or requested.

Because they are logged into Capture One Live, they can see the images as the corrections are made.

Edit on the fly with Capture One Live
Edit on the fly with Capture One Live

Who loves Capture One Live?

Hair and makeup artists can see instantly if anything needs to be corrected — they don’t even need to leave their makeup chair unless they need to make a change. Professional models can instantly see what a pose looks like and correct it on the fly.

Designers love to be able to remotely attend a shoot and let me know if they need changes made then and there, which helps save from a costly reshoot. Portrait clients love it, as they can see why certain poses look better than others. They can also remotely mark their favorite images, once the session has finished. This means you can confidently edit the images you already know they love.

Want to learn more about Capture One Live? Click here.

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