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Using styles in Capture One to achieve certain looks

Using styles in Capture One to achieve certain looks can be a real-time saver. There are several style collections available for Capture One. I wrote an article on what styles are all about, but it can go beyond just a few cool looks. It can add a cohesive element to your editing workflow, speeding things up dramatically.

Create a specific look

Often when working on a series, or even a lifestyle shoot, you may be looking for a specific look. The style collections for Capture One are quite diverse.

The Nordic range can look great with lifestyle, portraits, and even flowers. The Beyond collection (Film and B&W) can take your images to a whole new level, quickly and beautifully.

Both collections add a little analogue magic by emulating Fuji and Kodak film stock. There are even some lovely soft (or harsh) grain film stocks as well. I wanted a lovely contrasting black and white, with depth and softness the BW-400-III plus Silver-I was just perfection with my fantasy goddess look. And yes, you can add multiple styles too.

Capture One styles panel
Capture One styles panel

Make it cohesive throughout

Once you’ve made the changes and the decisions on which look you want it is super easy to make everything cohesive across the whole folder. Copy/Apply — that’s it.

On your edited images, click the Copy tab (top right-hand side). Then select all the images in your folder, use Control (or Command) + A and then press Apply. All edits and styles applied to your first image will now be applied to the remaining images. If you’re not 100% sure, there are even built-in tutorials you can watch to see how it’s done too.

Capture One Copy/Apply
Capture One Copy/Apply

The final results

Beautiful analogue look black and white film stock, with that soft glow. Perfect for what I was looking for. But don’t stop at one, the Beyond collection has a range to choose from.

Model — Andrea Gardiner; HMUA — Hary May; Headpiece — Verdessa Fairy

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