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WANDRD ROAM Sling 9L review: A sling pack with the ultimate in capacity and comfort

I’ve really been digging camera slings lately. Especially as I photograph more and more outdoors during the summer heat, it’s much more comfortable having a lightweight bag to carry, as opposed to a heavy backpack.

I mean, let’s be honest — no one likes back sweat!

After trying out a few slings, I recently had the opportunity to test the WANDRD ROAM Sling 9L. By far the biggest sling I’ve tried, this pack is great for those with larger camera gear, or with the desire to carry more lenses. And if you don’t need the 9L, there’s smaller versions, too — check out our review on the 6L.


  • Super comfortable
  • Holds a lot, including battery gripped cameras
  • Option to hold up to a 16-inch laptop (with laptop case)
  • Strap is well-padded and comfortable to wear
  • Lots of pockets for small accessories


  • Only available in two colors, Black and Yuma Tan
  • Zippers are easy to open; I’d like to see a security feature present on these for traveling

Technical specifications — WANDRD ROAM Sling 9L

All technical specifications have been taken from the WANDRD website:

  • External dimensions: 8.5″ H x 13.5″ W x 7″ D
  • Internal dimensions: 7.75″ H x 13″ W x 5″ D
  • Weight: 0.79 kg (1.74 lb)
  • Materials: 840D Jr. Ballistic Nylon with 5pm coating, 1680D Ballistic Nylon
  • Zippers: Weather Resistant YKK Zippers
  • Colors: Black, Yuma Tan

Ergonomics and build quality — WANDRD ROAM Sling 9L

I received the Yuma Tan color of WANDRD Roam Sling 9L, but it’s also available in black. Personally, I’d love to see blue and green options, to match those that are available for WANDRD’s PRVKE backpacks.

The bag looks pretty sleek from the outside, and doesn’t look like a camera bag. It’s sturdy, being able to stand on its own, and is very comfortable to wear, thanks to an air mesh back panel on the bag, and a heavily padded strap.

The ROAM Sling 9L is fully weather-resistant, including the zippers, meaning your gear will stay dry even in the roughest conditions.

The bag also has three exterior grab handles, meaning it’s super easy to carry when you don’t need to wear it. And when you do throw it over your shoulder, it’s very easy to adjust, with what WANDRD calls a 5-point adjustment system.

There’s also a lock-down strap, which can add to the stability when wearing it.

It’s also incredibly easy to turn around the bag and get access to your camera. That’s good and bad — I’d love to see some security features built-in here for when I’m traveling. But if you’re on a photowalk, it’s nice to be able to just slide it around to the front of your body and easily access your lenses and other gear on-the-fly.

Packing it up — WANDRD ROAM Sling 9L

With the ROAM Sling 9L, let’s just say you can fit a TON of gear in it. Even the exterior has some built-in storage, thanks to an expandable tripod and water bottle pocket at the bottom of the bag.

The main pocket is quite large, letting you stand up most small to medium-sized lenses instead of having to lay them down. This definitely helps you be able to carry more, but it also helps with grabbing lenses quickly. The dividers also act as “shelves,” so you can stack up gear if you need to in the main pocket, too.

Beyond the main pocket, you’ll find a catch-all accessory pocket — great for things like filters. There’s an SD card pocket organizer and key clip, too.

In the field — WANDRD ROAM Sling 9L

I used the ROAM Sling for a few several hour, outdoor photoshoots when temperatures were quite warm. I was used to being hot while wearing a backpack, so having on a sling was really a blessing! The back of the sling’s air mesh panel is super comfortable, and it kept me cool.

For me, the fact that I could pack a 70-180mm and wide-angle lens meant I could have two of my favorite lenses with me at all times. If I wanted to carry more, I could, either with smaller lenses standing upright, or with lenses separated thanks to the shelving divider system. This divider system is really handy — it reminded me a lot of Peak Design’s dividers, only with more padding to help keep your gear safe and secure.

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