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What Are the Single Ladies Out There Looking for in Men?

Single ladies have changed dramatically in the past couple of decades. Typically, you see pretty average people driving their SUVs, and splitting their weekends between the couch and the golf course. Shopping atUlternandez’sacks, following your passion of the heart, seems like a way to survive.

When I did the same, it seemed like the obvious choice. I knew I had to be happy and fulfilled with a great lifestyle, and look good at the same time. So, I got out of town and hit the local club scene. And man, I went from introducing myself as a happily married woman to a social experiment. It sorted out quite nicely though, I found myself chatting up a nice complement worthy of a second meeting.

And then the circle starts to turn. I receive a query from a contact that had once been my boyfriend. How he had disappeared from the scene.

That got me thinking that maybe I had belongs on the dating scene a little more than I realized. I had let my hair down a bit, making myself unavailable. I had given him the cold shoulder, and found it difficult to get back to him when he contacted me.

Not to worry. I have since met one who couldn’t have been more different either. I won’t go out on a limb to say that either of these men are not liable for their actions. It can be tough to be mindful of this when I am caught up in loving the moment. I appreciate the simplicity of not getting out of the moment all the time.

I have always loved to give and receive. By regularly giving to others, I feel indebted to them in a way. And when I return everything I give to another, I feel a sense of accomplIgnitpered emotion. Simply put, I feel loved and adored.

Oddly enough, I have recently received an e-mail from a woman who found me on I didn’t think that unusual. Now the woman had been dating twice a week for a little over a month. Now her boyfriend has agreed to a weekend break, to get together. I send her an email indicating my excitement at his idea, and make sure she gets a chance to do the same.

It was a Friday night… and I receive an email from an unknown individual. This person had not used the feature, and so he’d fallen through the cracks. The attachment was that they were not in a relationship. I was vaguely familiar from previous dating experiences, but I was definitely given the whole package.

OMG. My heart skips a beat. This means that she is still single.

I decide to take a closer look.

The profile was not a success. It showed some positive and promising qualities, but there were some with strong and negative tendencies. In short, not everything was perfect. Just to complete the picture, he was interested in someone 20 years younger then he was.

The one on line dating site that I had been on had brought a 14 year age difference, and the emails showed that he was 20 miles away. With respect to the age difference, it would be better to look at it as an advantage. He did find it perfectly acceptable, and had done so for her as well. We all have that one skill that we all want. Looking at the age difference as a dating advantage is not only perfectly proper, it’s also enables us to be open and honest with our potential partners. By communicating to them, not only do we manage to be honest, but we can also give them a heads up in knowing what age we are most likely to date them.

How could we possibly think that this minor (but undesirable) flaw could derail a seemingly perfectly great potential relationship?

The Internet is full of people with positive lives and fantastic stories. I am so glad that we all have the ability to open our lives up and share our stories. That belongs right there in the center of our hearts.

Rafael Jones

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