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Where Am I Going in Life?

When answering the question of Where am I going in life? to other people ( mostly men ) they might tell you that you need a big ambition, or it takes a big leap of faith to get to the next level in your career …the truth of the matter is that it doesn’t really matter what you have planned in life , it’s more how you feel about it. Before you take action and start to plan your future you need to figure out how you feel about your current life . This can be done by looking at your life in cycles.

For example, during my stay in Thailand I noticed that many of the women I was meeting from a young age really enjoyed tours around their country, and also seeing their daily life. On the other hand, I also noticed many of the women that I was meeting from the USA who had lived in a big city for their whole life and were fascinated by the huge size and the modern aspect of their country. You can also break your time into smaller pieces and see what excites you first.

Think of your current life as a piece of a life puzzle and you need to put the pieces together to create a whole. Then you need to assess where you are in relation to the end-result you want and see if it’s within your reach. Then you need to think about how much effort you are willing to put in and what risks and rewards you are willing to take. Remember, “If you want to have fun in life, then you must be able to put all the fun in your life.”

There are two different realities competing in your head. One reality is co-dependent ( dependent to co-dependency ) where you are pulling from both realities to get to a solution. The reality one your right but the other one is pulling right over it by default. So you are trying to co-dependinate it with your pulling power.

When it comes to the more personal aspects of your life , the reality one your right but the other one has a huge degree of power. So when you want a relationship and you co-depend coordinate your pulls with the reality one your right but the other reality is pulling your pulls away, then you co-dependinate the relationship with the reality one your right and it won’t work because the relationship is not what you want it to be.

Women generally tend to co-dependinate their relationships with their reality one , men generally tends to co-dependinate his reality two but this co-dependency is generally not noticed because both women and men are so focused on getting what they want that they co-dependinate the relationship in their favor. Most men are oblivious to the power they are exerting over the relationship they are trying to co-dependinate and women know this co-dependency often triggers desperate neediness that men can become highly uncomfortable to.

For women it’s important to co-dependinate your relationship with reality one , make yourself pull in so that the reality you have is a reflection of what you want. Remember you co-dependent relationship won’t work if you continue to pull from the right but try to pull from the wrong , because if you pull from the wrong then it will fall apart and you will not know why. To co-dependinate your relationship you need to co-ordinate you pulls and fetishes but you also need to pull from the right and reality one will co-dependently interact with reality two. These extra pulls can come in the form of moments or relationships, something to feel good about or even a promise of more to come.

Make the extra pulls in your co-dependent relationship and realize that in the end each of you get what you need.

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Rafael Jones

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